World Veterinary Day 2022

From the Spanky Project a huge thank you and warm embrace to the veterinary professionals of the world.
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WVA Newsletter
World Veterinary Day 2022

Dear friends and colleagues,
On the occasion of the World Veterinary Day, I want to recognise and thank the veterinary professionals worldwide for their crucial work supporting animal health, animal welfare, public health, food safety, food security, and environment protection.

This celebration was created by the World Veterinary Association in 2000 to be celebrated annually on the last Saturday of April. And it is an excellent opportunity to make known, highlight and illustrate the wide variety of duties and responsibilities the veterinarians play at a local, national and international level, the challenges they face in their day-to-day work and their contribution to the benefit of the global society.

The last years have been challenging for everyone and also for the veterinary profession. The veterinary sector has played an extraordinary role in the pandemic response, making vital contributions in fields like research, diagnostics, communication, material donation and many others. Tasks are not always adequately acknowledged.

In addition, to go through the transition period from pandemic to endemic that we are currently experiencing and to overcome the pandemic effectively, the contribution of veterinarians remains vital. It is necessary to improve collaboration between human health and animal health

professionals, strengthen cooperation between other sectors, and enhance coordination of responses to zoonotic diseases and future emerging epidemics. Namely, to continue developing and implementing the One Health approach.

Strengthening Veterinary Resilience
The health of animals, people and the environment requires healthy advocates. So, this year, the World Veterinary Day subject is “Strengthening Veterinary Resilience”.

The veterinary profession is a gratifying activity. Veterinarians, much like the animals they take care of, need proper tools and support to maintain their health and wellness. Veterinarians are aware, though, that this burden can be physically and mentally demanding. Stress, burnout and other health issues have risen in recent years, particularly during the pandemic.

Resilience cannot be facilitated only by individual veterinarians. It requires appropriate support by associations, institutions and governments to ensure adequate education, training, mentorship, and mutual support. Research is also needed to understand better the mental and physical burdens veterinarians face and the opportunities to provide more significant support.

In 2008 the WVA, together with OIE, created the World Veterinary Day Award intended to reward the best initiative of national veterinary associations to commemorate this event. This year the WVA and HealthforAnimals joined forces to formally recognise the most successful activities that help to strengthen veterinary resilience.

From the bottom of my heart, I sent all of you, veterinarians, my most sincere congratulations on this special day and encouragement to continue with your essential work for the benefit of our humankind. And please, take care of yourself!

Dr Rafael Laguens
President of the World Veterinary Association