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help their animals

Built upon 20 years of trust and collaboration the Spanky Project is authorized to do surgical campaigns in all of the Centros Históricos of Cuba. The only foreign organization to be honoured in this way.

“Here is a short FILM about our genesis and development.”


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If surviving in the Cuban economy is a struggle for the human population, it’s an even greater struggle for animals.

We aid the pets and animals of Cuba

by organizing sterilization and deparasitization campañas.

Dedicated to promoting kindness towards animals, the Spanky Project is a place where information can be shared, resources can be found, and connections can be made to build a better place for all living beings. ONE WORLD ONE HEALTH.

And it has an impact!

Sterilization prevents future abandoned cats and dogs in Cuba and thus reduces the need for rescue.

Our parallel activities also improve the health of animals and the communities in which they live.

Where it all began

The day was September 5, 2003 and we bade “adios” to Spanky, the most magical of mutts.

It was a day filled with her favourite things: restaurant patio time and finally eating that tuna sandwich, pizza at the ballpark and a walk on the beach.

September 5, 2003 was not to be the end of her story…

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Feliz Día del Trabajador de la Veterinaria

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A Ray Of Light In Troubled Times

A Ray Of Light In Troubled Times Quinta de Los Molinos is a large green space in Havana, covering 12 acres. There, you will find paths weaving through a shady botanical garden, fountains with fish and turtles, beautiful birds,

World Veterinary Day 2022

World Veterinary Day 2022 From the Spanky Project a huge thank you and warm embrace to the veterinary professionals of the world. A special thank you to our Spanky Project Family! We hope to reunite in 2022 WVA Newsletter

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