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Feliz Día del Trabajador de la Veterinaria

Feliz Día del Trabajador de la Veterinaria March 24 is Veterinary Worker's Day in Cuba. Greetings, congratulations and best wishes to the over 12,000 doctors and technicians in Cuba. Let's include all clerks,  janitors, graduates, economists, .... EVERYONE According

A Ray Of Light In Troubled Times

A Ray Of Light In Troubled Times Quinta de Los Molinos is a large green space in Havana, covering 12 acres. There, you will find paths weaving through a shady botanical garden, fountains with fish and turtles, beautiful birds,

World Veterinary Day 2022

World Veterinary Day 2022 From the Spanky Project a huge thank you and warm embrace to the veterinary professionals of the world. A special thank you to our Spanky Project Family! We hope to reunite in 2022 WVA Newsletter

La Habana 500

La Habana 500 Today, November 16, 2019, is Havana's 500th Anniversary. The commemoration has taken place throughout 2019. The Spanky Project was part of these celebrations. In February our goal was to provide sterilizations for 500 dogs/cats and in


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