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2003-2023 and beyond / SPANKY PROJECT CELEBRATES 20 AÑOS

Our impact…

Much more than aiding animals, we help an entire community.

Aiding animals by sterilizing them may be surprising. But it’s the first step for the animal’s well-being in a country where humans struggle for their own well-being.

Close to 3000

Animals sterilized
since 2016

100 +

Veterinary Student Training since 2011

OVER 5000

Prevention and treatment for parasites of Cats, dogs and horse

Stories that speak volumes

We have been working with Spanky since 2011 and it has been a wonderful experience. The students have known other methods of work have been related to veterinary professionals with a high degree of preparation and in the end we have always felt all of us as great friends because we are united by a common end love of animals.

Dra.Natacha Nunez Pérez, Vice Dean Universidad Agraria de la Habana November 20, 2017

During my career I had the opportunity to work in mass sterilization campaigns, carried out in my country by the Spanky project.

In them I lived the best experience of my career; not only because of the excellent people I met in this group; but also because he gave me a lot of knowledge as a student and now as a professional. During the campaigns the selfless delivery of all those who meet there to improve the quality of life of the animals is perceived. That is the only motive of this great machine; the animals, for which we fight every day of our lives.

Dra.Indira Castillo Iglesias, Graduated 2017 Universidad Agraria de la Habana November 8, 2017
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